Soles are made in Slovenia
in a company with a
long tradition

What is
Booty Sole?

Booty Sole is a tested gym or home equipment for faster and more
effective growth of your glutes.


Are you tired of feeling only legs during your workout?

We have a solution!

The same lower body exercises are now focused on your booty!

Why Booty Sole?

It’s not just what we tell you – Booty Sole is also tested. Learn more >

What Booty Sole users say?

That’s insaneee!

„I’ve never felt so much pain in my glutes during the workout…and the next day my booty was soo sore that I wasn’t even able to sit normally“.

Alma O.


„As a personal trainer I know how hard is to grow only your booty because in order to have bigger butt you can’t do only kickbacks and exercises with bands…You need to lift weights as well. After doing squats, lunges and deadlifts with Booty Sole I was shocked how my butt was included (normally they target mostly legs)…It’s crazy :D“

Doroteja D.

So happy!!

„Everyone has always said to me that I can’t grow my glutes without increasing the size of my legs. I was searching for a product like Booty Sole for a really long time but nothing similar has ever existed. Now I am finally not afraid anymore and the feeling is just amazing“

Laura J.

Would highly reccomend!

„I’ve asked Antea if she knows any exercises for growing only my butt because I didn’t want to grow my legs even more. I was so lucky she has picked me to be her test client and I really can’t thank her enough for the booty I’ve always wanted“.

Teja K.

I didn’t believe!

„When my trainer said to me that I will feel only my butt I didn’t believe her because I’ve always had „problems“ with feeling and growing only my legs… After seeing the results I was so happy that I’ve tried Booty Sole“

Lea E.

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How to use Booty Sole?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Booty Sole and how does it work?

Booty Sole is a tested gym or home equipment for faster and more effective growth of muscles of the gluteal region.
It allows for the body to be in a position which increases the activation of gluteal
muscles and at the same time decreases the involment of leg muscles in the

How to use Booty Sole?

We really recommend following free video demostrations you get with purchasing Booty Sole. You can do most lower-body exercises, all you have to do is step on the soles, fix your feet and begin with your workout.
First try to do an exercise without weights in order to adjust to new position caused by Booty Sole .Watch out when you stand up.

Which excercises/activities it is not recommended doing?

We do not recommend jumping, walking, doing other outdoor activites… (read our disclaimer)
Note: we also recommend doing squats only on the smith machine (or cable).

Is there only one size for all?

Yes. Maybe it sounds weird but it doesn’t matter if the Booty Sole is 1cm too long or short, the most important is that your heels are on the lowest part of the sole.

About Me

My name is Antea and I am a 20 year old kinesiology student, innovator and founder of Booty Sole from Slovenia, Europe.

I’ve developed this legally protected innovation to help women reach their goals faster. The idea was based on my own fear when I’ve started with my fitness journey and the only thing I was hearing was „You can’t grow your glutes without focusing on your legs“.

Well…not anymore!

I got the idea when I was 16 and since then I knew I have to follow my dreams and passion…so here it is…

Start your journey with me now and become the best version of your own self!

With Love,

Have any questions?

We’ve got you covered