Internationally patented

What is
Booty Sole®?

Booty Sole® is a tested gym or home equipment for faster and more
effective growth of the glutes.

Invented for women who struggle with activating their glutes.

With Booty Sole® lower body exercises are focused on the glutes.

Benefits of Booty Sole®

Gym or group workouts or home

Story behind Booty Sole®

At first, I developed Booty Sole just for myself. Back in 2016, when I began going to the gym, my primary goal was to build my glutes, which I struggled to activate. I started searching for a device that could help me target my glutes more effectively, as I mostly felt my legs during workouts.

I found nothing.

I don’t remember exactly how I got the idea back then, since I didn’t have rich knowledge about the human body, and I wasn’t sure if the concept of ‘high-toes soles’ would even help, so I kept my idea solely on paper.

About 3 years later, when I was studying kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports, I started understanding why my idea could work, and soon after, I made my first prototype that I tested on myself. It worked… A few weeks later, it also worked for other test clients, and within a few months, Booty Sole became available for every woman.

Successful testing in Slovenia

Napredek - 6-tedenski izziv Booty Sole
Napredek - 6-tedenski izziv Booty sole
Napredek 6-tedenski izziv Booty Sole

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